Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Darcy's Column: "Going Training"

How many of us invest in some self defence training for ourselves and our families? Perhaps not many – it doesn’t (yet) seem as mainstream as getting your first aid certificate. Consider that violence is like car accidents: totally unplanned events, can have devastating consequences and affects most of us at some stage in our lives.
Proper training doesn’t need to take months or weeks. You can have extremely effective training within a full day, as long as you know what to look for, so let me provide you with some tips.

Most importantly, a self defence course should be about lifting your belief system – an event where you discover and prove to yourself what you are capable of. Ask the provider how their training will definitely lift your capability. Ask also what the training covers. Proper training will cover all the elements of self defence: Avoidance, Defusion, Physical response and Post event issues including the law.

Though the training has to be “real” that doesn’t mean forsaking safety, both physically and emotionally. You have to be assured that you will be safe and have full control while you are training.

Ask about the types of physical techniques taught. Techniques which are so complicated that can’t be remembered in a week are useless. I’d have serious doubts if words such as: Wrist/arm locks, blocks, pressure points and throws were used to describe the techniques.

Importantly, do some research on the Instructor. Try to determine that they will be someone who’ll make it a great days training for you.

Darcy Mellsop

Protect Self Defence NZ