Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Accredited Trainers in the South Island!

A HUGE welcome to the new Protect Accredited Trainers from Nelson and Christchurch!

From left: Aaron Williams (Nelson ITF), Craig Oliver (Pulse Taekwon-Do), Angela Oliver (Pulse Taekwon-Do), Luke Jackson (Pulse Taekwon-Do), Kris Herbison (Riccarton Taekwon-Do), Tomonori Shibata (Riccarton Taekwon-Do), Damon Stewart (Pulse Taekwon-Do).

Welcome to the program team!

For ful list of Accredited Trainers in NZ go the the Protect Group Classes website HERE

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Column 48 – Home sweet home

You should feel safe at home. We’ve all had that feeling where for a fleeting fear-belted moment that there might be someone else in our homes: uninvited and sinister. 
I recently read about a man who had that feeling and he then searched his house. He didn’t find anyone and went to bed. He later awoke when he heard unfamiliar breathing - which was coming from a stranger standing next to his bed. What unfolded in the home invasion was a robbery at knifepoint. I know nice, and that’s not it.

If he searched his house, why didn’t he find the person? Because fear changes the way we feel about something: he wasn’t searching the house with the intent to find someone, because of fear - he was searching the house to not to find someone. There is a massive difference between the two.

Your house, your home, whether you rent or own, is your domain. Understanding this is the basis for making great decisions to keep yourself safe. It means a number of things, and as one example; I experienced only a few nights ago, a knock at my door at about 9pm at night – it’s up to me- only I, whether I open the door or not.

If you are reading this in your home – look around your home now and know that this is your domain. Strengthen your mindset, say to yourself: I don’t fear anyone in my home half as much as anyone sinister should fear being in my home with me and my family.

Darcy Mellsop

Protect Self Defence NZ