Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who are you? - Brilliant campaign!

This campaign is AWESOME! I love it to bits! Folks, this is worth checking out, sharing, and supporting. Just the video on the front page is highly valuable (8 minutes of your life to watch it, good investment)! Protect stand right behind this campaign, brilliant.

We had a perfect example of this shared with us at training last night by two of our Auckland group class members (husband and wife).

They were at a campground with a large group for the weekend. They observed concerning behaviour (based on what they have trained to look for) by a male who was using behavioural manipulation strategies on a female (friend of a friend). He was 'feeding her' alcohol and using many of the survival signs that we teach to look out for. This went un-noticed by all of the others, simply because they were not trained to see it.

When he went for the final move, which was to move her to an isolated space (in this case the beach) where he had privacy and control, our team (who had been watching her and him like a hawk) intervened and prevented what was absolutely going to become a very bad situation.

Brilliant work on their behalf and she thanked them the next day. I am very proud of what they did, they saved someone from a lot of hurt. They thanked US at class for teaching them what to look out for, but it is THEM who should be thanked for taking action. But no-one else saw it...

This campaign is a step in the right direction to changing that folks. Please share it.

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