Monday, January 2, 2012

Aucklanders...Check out the info below (copied from my email) on GPP (General Physical Preparedness). This is some of the best training I have ever done and I highly recommend the training as well as the trainers! Give it a go, it is seriously awesome... Phil

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming GPP (General Physical Preparation) Intro Course!

If you are receiving this email it is because either you or someone who cares a lot about you has recommended you join us for the upcoming 4 week intro course. (Feel free to forward the
info onto friends if you think they may be interested -we only advertise through word of mouth - first come first served). GPP is a great way to improve your overall physical condition, including the 10 components of fitness (see pic attached!). You will learn all the fundamental movements of GPP (based on a combination of kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball and bodyweight training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and more!) in small groups with your own specialist coach - much like a PT session but with the fun of having others along to motivate you and inspire you. Our Dec '11 intro program was a great success with literally everyone improving on their baseline
fitness scores and alongside the Nutrition Challenge many participants gained significant amounts of lean muscle mass, lost body fat and made massive improvements in their general well being.

Next Intro Course:
4 weeks (8 sessions) starting January 17th & 18th

Session Days & Times:
Morning option: Tuesday & Thursday 7-8am
Afternoon option: Wednesday & Friday 5.30-6.30pm

Mr. Jeremy Hanna
3rd Degree in Taekwon-Do, Current World Champion and Level 1 Crossfit Certified Coach

$120 ($15 per session)

What to Expect
-8 fun and diverse sessions covering all basic GPP movements
-Each session includes a warm-up, technical portion and challenging workout of the day (WOD)
-These sessions will give you the confidence to join in regular classes and or safely exercise on your own with sound technique
-Baseline fitness testing (guaranteed results or your money back if you attend all 8 sessions!)
-Nutritional advice & support
-Weekly emails from Coach Jeremy with your results, photos, advice and motivation to keep you on track and learning as much as possible
-Access to the members only section of the website where we post workouts, photos and results

What next?!
To confirm your interest - please make an appointment to register in person at the Warrior Training Zone, 198 Marua Rd, prior to the start of the course.
You will need to complete a quick registration form and answer some questions so that we know that it is safe for you to exercise (ie any history of prior injuries that we should be aware of). We will take a photo of you for your membership card and process payment - eftpos, cash, cheque, bank transfer all accepted.

If you have any questions about the program or registration, please do not hesitate to contact me. Usually email or text (021 992 777) are best and I will get back to you as soon as possible! If you have questions about the course content, you are welcome to contact Coach Jeremy directly at:

We look forward to having you with us and introducing you to the amazing results and benefits we have experienced ourselves and know you will too!

Carolina Dillen BSc (Hons)

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