Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Column from Darcy: "Obscene risk"

Obscene risk

I understand when parents and guardians get frustrated with their kids, I’m a dad and there’s times I’m frustrated too. With that said, there’s no excuse for what I witnessed the other day. A young kid had frustrated his dad, he had not crossed the road with his dad, and now dad was angry at one side of the road with the kid in tears on the other side of the road scared to cross by himself. His dad was trying to coax him across the road which was failing. This is usual stuff, but this is where it turns. The dad became frustrated enough to turn his back on his kid and start to walk away, which in an instant prompted the kid to run across the road. The kid wasn’t hit by a car, but it was certainly heart in the mouth stuff and a clear act of stupidity, whether intended or not, on the dads part.

Sometimes we are frustrated with our kids behaviour, but we cannot ever put them at risk to teach them a lesson. I was reading recently of a lady who was frustrated by her daughter always coming home later than agreed, and on night, locked the door and left it locked. She chose not to answer it though she could hear her daughter knocking – as she was frustrated enough to decide this to be her daughters lesson. The daughter then chose to do somewhere else for the night, but never arrived there as someone sinister found her on the way. Never ever put your loved ones at risk to teach them a lesson.

Conversely, let your kids know, that no matter what, they can always call you any time for a lift home, sure, they might still get a growling for something, but there’s no you won’t come, no matter the distance, no matter the time.

Darcy Mellsop
Protect Self Defence NZ

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